Lynchburg Fencing Center is an Olympic-style fencing community with classes, memberships and private lessons for fencers of all ages and abilities. Beginning April 1, 2019 we will meet Monday nights and Saturday mornings at our new dedicated facility at 2740 Fort Ave, Ste. A, Lynchburg, VA. Later this month we will be adding Thursday classes as well as open fencing and private lesson times! Follow us on Facebook, ,Instagram, and Twitter for updates on those additions!

We hope to offer Summer Camps as well! So there are many reasons to get connected!




Classes are a great introduction to the sport of fencing. Beginner classes introduce students to the basics of fencing including the movements, attacks and defenses. LFC offers youth classes for students ages 7 to 12, and adult classes for students 13 and over. Classes are also a fun way to get into and stay in shape with friends in a recreational environment.


Lynchburg Fencing Center offers four different membership types tailored to meet the needs of fencers with varying levels of interest.