Lynchburg Fencing Center currently offers beginner fencing classes for youth ages 7 to 12 and adults, ages 13 and over. Equipment rental is included in all class prices.

Beginner Fencing:  Students are introduced to all of the basics of fencing, including terminology, movement, defense and basic attacks, as well as safety. Because of the large amount of information, most beginners take the introductory class two or three times.

Intermediate Fencing: Intermediate level classes will be introduced in the coming months. Eventually, both foil and epee fencing will have intermediate classes. These offerings are intended for fencers who have already completed the beginner level classes, or who have previous fencing experience. Students will explore tactics and strategy, as well as fine-tuning techniques and focusing on physical conditioning for competition.  

To sign up for a class call 434-215-4306 or email Coach at,

What You Need to Bring to Class  LFC has equipment for rent including, uniforms, gloves, masks, and weapons. The rental fee is included in your class fee when you sign up.

When you show up for your first day of class, you will need to wear long pants (warm-up pants or thick sweat pants are ideal), athletic shoes, and a comfortable t-shirt (cotton is best, but some under-armor style base layer shirts work just as well).

Please bring your payment method (cash, check, or credit/debit card), and you will be asked to fill out the paper registration form.