Summer Camp

Lynchburg Fencing Center will be hosting FULL DAY summer camps June 6 through 10!

Camp will begin at 9am and run till 3:30pm with early drop-off and late pickup options available.

Fencers will need to wear athletic shoes, long pants such as sweat pants or warm-up pants, a short sleeved cotton T-shirt or “under armor style” base layer shirt, and bring a packed lunch.

Activities will generally include warm-up and stretching with games and drills followed by footwork and movement drills. Then blade-work techniques. After blade-work, students will break for lunch and movie featuring sword play (i.e. Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Three Musketeers).

Then we will warm up again with some movement and coordination drills followed by tactics training and bouting. The final day will conclude with a practice tournament for which medals will be awarded to the top 4 finishers.

Cost is $165 with a minimum deposit due to register and reserve a slot. Visit our Calendar page and navigate to June 6, then click on the camp to register!